A Comprehensive Innovation Management Suite

Solve the complex challenges of running an innovation program at scale.

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Forest (by Clareo) helps innovation leaders turn ideas into business impact.

Our tools equip you to build a case for innovation by sourcing and advancing the ideas that lead to tangible business value.

Communicate a clear strategy and process for innovation.
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Engage your entire company and create a culture of innovation.
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Generate new ideas and move them through the pipeline.
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Quickly identify the best ideas and allocate resources.
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Communicate outcomes and tell your innovation story broadly.
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Generate better ideas by crowdsourcing the right way.

Say goodbye to the suggestion box. Run targeted campaigns around specific opportunities to pursue or problems to solve and solicit more valuable ideas from across your company.
  • Focus ideation on specific topics or themes
  • Provide a simple, user-friendly process to submit ideas
  • Get real-time notifications of new submissions
  • Quickly evaluate new ideas to move them to the next step
  • Trigger engagement by featuring campaigns on employee dashboards

Turn good ideas into great ones by developing them effectively.

Guide employees through a step-by-step process to build their idea through business design and learning plans.
  • Provide a proven approach and step-by-step guidance for employees to build out ideas
  • Assign clear milestones for idea teams to move their idea forward
  • Automatically inform employees of progress with real-time notifications as their idea changes
  • Track and validate key assumptions on all ideas through an organized system

Make innovation work for everyone.

Forest helps you build a culture of innovation by engaging your organization at all levels.

For Executives
  • Communicate your innovation strategy broadly and effectively.
  • Use our rich reporting and analytics to show your innovation program's success.
  • Equip your team with the tools and knowledge they need to get the innovation job done.
For Administrators
  • Customize the details of our tools to your company's innovation process.
  • Robust segmentation, filtering, and exporting capabilities so you can dig in to the data as needed.
  • Easily manage layers of role-based permissions and content visibility for large user bases.
For Employees
  • Engage in the topics, campaigns, and ideas you feel most inspired by.
  • Use an easy-to-follow process to build out innovative ideas to have the greatest impact.
  • Get access to the tools and resources you need to move your ideas forward.

Get the tools your company needs to run its innovation program.


Prioritize the right ideas and build alignment.

Make faster, better decisions by defining and evaluating a portfolio of ideas in a consistent way, so you can easily align on where to invest resources.
  • Faster Decision-Making

    Quickly run an evaluation at any point. Simply create a portfolio of ideas, select an evaluation method, and start evaluating with your team.
  • Coordinate Stakeholders in Multiple Places

    Invite any user to participate in an evaluation and allow your team to evaluate asynchronously from anywhere.
  • Multiple Evaluation Methods

    Do a quick Yes/No/Maybe evaluation to find the top ideas, or do a more rigorous, criteria-based evaluation when making investments
  • Robust Metrics on Idea Portfolios

    Our tools have built-in metrics and reporting to help you prioritize the best ideas to move forward.

Keep everyone informed and demonstrate progress.

Create excitement around your best ideas and increase engagement across the entire organization through an interactive internal platform that tells the story of innovation at your company.
  • Beautiful, customizable, and templated web pages
  • Share success stories, impact and key learnings
  • Enable participation from everyone, everywhere
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Gain insights to help you identify opportunities for innovation.

Define the trends, technologies, and other forces that are driving change in your industry, track the latest developments, and collaborate on implications and solutions for your business - all in one place.
  • Focus conversation on the most important topics
  • Gain visibility into ideas and projects related to topics
  • Access curated, custom insights from industry experts

Inform your approach with data.

  • 1
    Measure Your Company’s Fitness to Innovate
    The Innovation Fitness diagnostic evaluates the key drivers of innovation performance at your company against benchmarks and leading practices, and gives you the best approach to influence the organization.
  • 2
    Compare Your Innovation Strategy Against the Competition
    The Innovation Radar diagnostic measures your current innovation efforts across 12 dimensions and provides a clear view on whether or not you are innovating in the most opportune areas.
  • 3
    Find and Engage Your Most Innovative People
    The Innovation Leader diagnostic identifies the people in your organization with the right skillset and enthusiasm to work on innovation initiatives, and outlines the skills those leaders can bring to developing new ideas.
  • 4
    Determine the Best Way to Organize for Innovation
    The Innovation Model diagnostic identifies the most effective way to structure your innovation program, and defines the scope of those responsible to drive innovation results and strategy at the company.

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