Decision Making

A structured approach to evaluating and prioritizing what to work on

Our proven evaluation methods help you get everyone aligned, save time, and give you confidence that you’re focused on the right work.
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A Proven Process for Creating Outcomes

This is how it works.

Save time.
Eliminate multiple meetings, spreadsheets, and forms.
Build consensus.
Engage all stakeholders and get everyone aligned quickly.
Eliminate bias.
Create a more equitable evaluation process.
Improve your outcomes.
Prioritize confidently with our proven evaluation methods.
"We've been able to go from 40+ Excel and PowerPoint files with multiple version tracking, down to one application with centralized, always up-to-date information."
Mike Rubin
Senior Innovation Specialist
An Intuitive System with All the Features You Need

Designed to make innovation work faster and easier.

Streamlined Evaluations
Upload ideas, invite stakeholders, and run evaluations asynchronously
Research Driven
Choose from multiple decision frameworks to support all kinds of operational decisions
Data Export & API
Easily share data across tools using our data export features and API.
Designed for Collaboration
Users can easily collaborate on ideas through commenting and discussion threads.
Build Teams
Build trust and create transparency across your company by engaging a variety of stakeholders.
Eliminate Bottlenecks
Speed up decision-making by defining and evaluating a portfolio of ideas or projects in a consistent way.
Step-by-Step Process
Our Idea Builder gives you a structured approach to developing an idea from conception to execution.
Baked-In Expertise
We help you build the the skills of your team by baking in innovation expertise through guides, videos, and examples based on our experience.
Support & Help Center
We offer a robust knowledge center of resources, and our experienced client success team is on hand to help with quick response via email.
Reporting & Analytics
Easily filter and segment data to generate custom reports on anything you might need.
Role-Based Access Control
Forest has a robust permissions layer. We have 3 tiers of access and within each users can be given admin, editor, or team access as needed.
Enterprise Level Security
Our software is built with industry-standard security that meets the demands of enterprise organizations. Learn More

Engage a variety of stakeholders in decision making.

Forest helps you build a culture of innovation by engaging your organization at all levels.

For Executives
  • Achieve better operational outcomes by employing the best research-backed decision frameworks
  • Build consensus by engaging all stakeholders and getting leadership aligned quickly
  • Establish a culture of transparency with ongoing logs of key operational decisions
For Administrators
  • Save time and eliminate lengthy deliberation with a streamlined decision-making process
  • Build confidence throughout your team that everyone is working on the right thing at the right time
  • Eliminate inconsistent, subjective, and biased decisions.
For Employees
  • Participate in a more democratic and equitable decision-making process and make sure your voice is heard
  • Rest easy knowing you are working on the right projects at the right time
  • Contribute your opinion to key decisions and evaluations conveniently and remotely
Work with People, not just Software

With Forest, you get more than just a software tool.

We have decades of experience helping customers implement these innovation methods to create massive value in their companies, and we’ve built a tool with those proven approaches baked-in. On top of that, our customizable support packages are built to fit your needs – whether that’s light-touch setup and ongoing support or strategic input from our best-in-class client success team. 

Improve your decision-making process and start seeing better outcomes.

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“This has helped create the foundation of our innovation effort. We can bring in new ideas, move them forward in an efficient way, and give people the opportunity to be a part of generating ideas and tracking them through to a launch.”"10:
Dann Briscoe
Planning Project Manager at Boise Cascade

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