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We’re passionate about helping leaders make innovation work at their organizations.

We empower corporate innovators to make a sustained, transformative impact on their businesses and the world at large by inspiring new thinking and giving them the tools to make great ideas a reality.

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Our Origin Story

Forest started out as a problem we needed to solve. As innovation consultants at Clareo, we saw our clients struggle to make innovation work. Too often they would drop in innovation management tools that either made no sense for their stage of the innovation journey, or were too focused on one aspect of innovation – generating ideas, for example – without any strategy for how to develop and resource them. There wasn’t an easy-to-use, scalable tool that successfully covered the entire innovation lifecycle.

So we built one.

Not all at once, and not by ourselves, but collaboratively with our clients over time, so we could build, test, and refine the product to meet the challenges our clients encountered. We brainstormed, prototyped, tested, argued (lovingly), and ultimately created a world-class product that is driving powerful outcomes at some of the most innovative companies in the world.

Our team is eclectic. We are ideas people, problem solvers, strategic thinkers, and builders, and what unites us is a passion to make corporate innovation work, because we believe that’s where the greatest opportunity to impact the world lies. Forest is the product that can help get you there.

Why call it Forest? Your business is an intertwined network of people, ideas and forces. Just as in an actual forest, some things are thriving, some are dying, and some are just emerging. Forest gives you visibility to the entire ecosystem and helps you manage, develop, and nurture your most valuable resources so your company can flourish.

We know strategy. We know tools.

The Strategy expertise at Clareo and the capabilities of Forest creates a powerful combination for innovation leaders.

  • Senior leader buy-in
  • Specific roles and responsibilities
  • Clear vision and objectives
  • Org. structure for innovation
  • Defined process for development
  • Permission slip to all employees
  • Collaboration across distances
  • Transparent communication
  • Efficient allocation of resources
  • Real-time visibility in to portfolio
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The Forest Ethos

We believe established companies are the best places for innovation.

Innovation at scale is possible, with the right approach and the right tools.

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