A Roadmap to Your First 24 Months as an Innovation Leader

So, you got the job leading innovation for your organization. Congratulations!

The clock just started ticking. Most innovation programs are cancelled within two years. Hardworking, smart, strategic leaders start with gusto, only to hit what feels like a brick wall of defeat.

Nine times out of ten this happens because the innovation leader has not been able to maintain a solid yes to two critical questions about innovation at the organization:

  • Is it working?
  • Is it worth it?

How you answer those questions at the beginning is very different than when you are in month 24. Innovation leaders can see success right out of the gate, but if they don’t aggressively evolve their role, their metrics, and their emphasis fast enough, they will fail to stay relevant and valuable.

Having worked with dozens of innovation programs all over the world in many different industries, we can confidently say that if you follow this roadmap, you drastically increase your chances to not only survive, but thrive as an innovation leader.

I'm breaking down each of these critical time periods in depth in a 4-week email series. Visit https://forestsoftware.com/innovation-journey to sign up to receive them directly in your inbox as they're published.

A Roadmap to Your First 24 Months as an Innovation Leader

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