When It All Comes Together: A Look at How Forest Works

Erin and Ian work at a large energy company, and they have been put in charge of the Power Plant Innovation Program. Currently, they’re looking for opportunities to improve overall safety for their employees. They start by using Forest to create a campaign in their workspace to collect ideas that can improve working conditions in their power plants.

A week later, John shows up to work and comes up with an idea that could improve the process of cleaning the plant’s cooling ponds. He recently heard from a colleague that there is an open campaign in Forest about improving employee safety. He logs into Forest, goes to the power plant’s custom page, and adds his idea to the campaign. A few minutes later, Erin and Ian receive a notification saying that a new idea has been added. They see John’s idea about a safer way to clean the power plant’s cooling ponds.

After further review, Erin and Ian can immediately tell that John’s idea has a lot of potential, but they’d also like to know what his co-workers think. They ask John to get feedback from his colleagues and add their input by the end of the week. After John completes this milestone task, he lets Erin and Ian know that his idea is ready to be evaluated. Later, his idea gets progressed to a portfolio where a team of experts can evaluate and manage it further.

In the portfolio, a team of evaluators decide that John’s idea not only eliminates safety concerns, but it also has the potential of saving the company thousands in materials and labor. Soon, they assign another milestone task for John to complete. After allocating the required resources, they ask him to make a prototype to test how his idea will perform in the field. As John’s idea continues to mature and progress in the tool, his company’s leadership take notice and decide to turn his idea into reality.

When It All Comes Together: A Look at How Forest Works

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